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Thread Closed: Issue successfully resolved

Terry Lingle
07/27/05 09:39
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#98285 - wet machines
Responding to: Prahlad J. Purohit's previous message
Sorry to hear about the floods. Glad you are all safe.
If the transformers got wet they will need to me dried in a bake oven I would use 200 degrees F and change the air in the oven regularly. I would monitor the humidity in the oven until it drops to near ambient humidity then raise the temperature above 212 F for final dry out. Let cool and do an insulation test. The main concern from water in a new transformer is rust in the laminations and the mechanical stress resulting. As soon as the electronics for them is working the pneumatics need to be cycled with dry air with an inline oiler to insure that any water is driven out and lubrication is present.
If you ship these machines you should extend the warrantee for water damage related problems.
Good luck Terry

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