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Craig Steiner
07/27/05 16:49
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#98307 - This is the second time
Responding to: Jez Smith's previous message
This is the second time you've posted this, Jez. The first time I deleted it because it was completely off-topic and we had no off-topic area.

Granted, you've now re-posted it to the off-topic forum but I would really prefer that not become a place for people to post messages that are just general complaints about people that none of us even know. If you really feel strongly about it, build a web page (not at and let the whole world see it. But I don't see why what you posted would be of any interest to anyone at The last thing I'd recommend someone here do is get in the middle of personal problems between two other parties.

If these people are blocking your email, they obviously don't want to hear from you. Why not just drop it?

Craig Steiner

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