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Old thread has been locked -- no new posts accepted in this thread
Craig Steiner
07/29/05 10:49
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#98444 - Keeping everything
Responding to: Matthias Arndt's previous message
Keeping everything is fine with me, too, and that will happen automatically as it is. The only real question is if people think we should intentionally purge the chat forum of old, inactive threads.

Actually, I think we should probably just wait awhile and see what kind of discussions end up here. If they're idle chit-chat that don't serve any long-term purpose, we can look into purging old messages. If the chat forum ends up containing useful and/or interesting messages that just aren't 8052-related, we can just decide to keep them all.

Craig Steiner

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Preservation ?      Steve M. Taylor      07/29/05 04:55      
   Good question      Craig Steiner      07/29/05 09:10      
      Flagging to preserve is ok      Matthias Arndt      07/29/05 09:33      
         Keeping everything      Craig Steiner      07/29/05 10:49      
            How much?      Vignesh Prasad      07/29/05 11:45      
               Not an issue      Craig Steiner      07/29/05 11:51      

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