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Steve M. Taylor
07/31/05 05:52
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State College

#98508 - Still baffled.
Responding to: Prahlad J. Purohit's previous message
I am sure Kai will do the maths, but I still think that peak power transfer will occur if the o/p impedance of your inverter is 0.

What your link seems to show is not "impedance matching" it is impedance transformation. The fact that the circuit is resonant is almost a courtesy detail, and gives useful effects when driven by square waves.

You are aiming to minimise the impedance of the coil circuit by the look of it, and you are making a big sinewave oscillator.

VERY nice Neat link by the way - I have a project I would quite like to heat by induction. It would be extremely clean and elegant.

How about getting 1800 C in a metal crucible by that method ?


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