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Erik Malund
08/02/05 07:19
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Mt Airy, Nc

#98679 - I have a few, but
Responding to: Craig Steiner's previous message
I'd like to get people submitting solutions to a preliminary challenge
I may have a few, but some/most are derivative specific. For instance I have just reduced a "speedy loop" from 20k cycles to <10k, but that is using a derivative (f122) with a "high address for movx @Ri SFR (S0_EMI0CN)"

So, the question is; can derivative specific facts be included if explained in the text?

In the above case such an explanation would be "this code is for the SILabs f122 which, when movx @Ri is executed get the high byte of the address not from P2 as standard, but from the S0_EMI0CN SFR".

Another issue: There are C-illiterate and asm-illiterate members in the forum, should there be an asm question and a C question every time?


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