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Donald Catto
08/02/05 10:18
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#98698 - Please ignore this rubbish
Responding to: Jez Smith's previous message
I'm posting this in the hope it will prevent anyone taking Jez Smith seriously and actually bothering the people who seem to be the subject of his harassment campaign.

A search of Google Usenet archives reveals that he has posted some rather more unsavoury material in the past. Here are links to a few posts:

List of 8 messages in thread
as this is slightly off topic      Jez Smith      07/27/05 00:21      
   Cambridge is OK      Ian Bell      07/27/05 15:13      
   This is the second time      Craig Steiner      07/27/05 16:49      
   incoherent      Michael Neary      07/27/05 19:39      
      AFAIK      Steve M. Taylor      07/28/05 05:18      
         Couldn't he      Craig Steiner      07/28/05 06:02      
            i thought so too      Michael Neary      07/28/05 10:34      
   Please ignore this rubbish      Donald Catto      08/02/05 10:18      

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