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Craig Steiner
08/03/05 06:55
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#98750 - Issues with C challenges
Responding to: Steve M. Taylor's previous message
Steve M. Taylor said:
So if a problem can be solved BETTER with a different variant, or even in 'C' instead of asm, then it should be permitted. BETTER though has to be proved, with a statement of execution time or code-size or even algorithmic beauty.

Execution time or code-size on what compiler? With what optimization settings? I think that's one potential problem.

But if the problem (which is going to be the test challenge for beta-testing purposes) is to write a 32-bit variable right-shift, in 'C' that can be written as "VAR >= X" and you're done. It's entirely possible the compiler will produce some really tight code, but you really haven't demonstrated any ability and the person that really did the coding is the person that wrote the libraries at Keil or Raisonance or wherever.

Craig Steiner

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