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Erik Malund
08/03/05 14:16
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Mt Airy, Nc

#98784 - no more google for chips, Google gives y
I have become a bit frustrated with everybody and his brother claiming to have datasheets, so no more Googling for datasheets. Google gives links to all kinds of "exotic" "chip directories" and who knows how accurate they may or may not be. Not to mentionthat the format of each and every one is different.

Now I use digikey, and get a link to the manufacturers datasheet.
Try it, maybe you will like it. Of course, digikey does not have all chips but it is fairly complete.


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no more google for chips, Google gives y      Erik Malund      08/03/05 14:16      
   So do others      Steve M. Taylor      08/03/05 16:16      
      I use this        Jacob Boyce      08/04/05 06:48      
         useful      Matthias Arndt      08/04/05 07:10      

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