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08/05/05 09:13
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#98873 - WEOT - Craig
Hello Craig,

Good day.

After a long gap of almost 2 to 3 weeks I found some time to log on to my favourite site - Looks like a Chat Board has been added. Quite frankly I am not sure if this message has to go there. If yes, maybe you can move it, if its worthwhile!

I have not been visiting this site recently due to a changed product profile that we have decided to handle. We have been loaded with PC based systems resulting in a higher involvement of VB and LabVIEW. The work load is quite heavy and I kind off feel guilty not visiting ! Just been unable to.

I am not sure if there is any activity monitoring rule that automatically moves inactive member accounts to a quarantine. As far as I know, there is no such "rule" that I could read. I am sure things will change at my end and I will find the time and need to come back to my beloved forum at a future date. Only hope I will not be treated as a new account ?

If your answer is yes to the above, then I will make sure that I log on atleast once a week ( or at the required interval ) somehow.

Have a nice weekend.



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