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Craig Steiner
08/05/05 10:10
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#98882 - Changed last night
Responding to: Jan Waclawek's previous message
Jan Waclawek said:
It now says (maybe Craig changed meanwhile?):

I added some instruction cycle information last night (Thursday). I haven't added any more information this morning.

17 instruction cycles best case (1-bit shift) and 467 instruction cycles, worst-case (31-bit shift).

My question: Does this include the final ret?


By the way, couldn't the unoptimized version be published here, for reference?

Sure. I'm going to adjust the 17-best/467-worst to 18-best/468-worst because I was assuming that the number of bits to shift were passed to it in R3 rather than ACC. Since the challenge specifies that it should be received in ACC, I added a MOV R3,A at the beginning which adds one instruction cycle.

The unoptimized reference code for the challenge is:

   MOV         R3,A
   CLR         C
   MOV         A,R4
   RRC         A
   MOV         R4,A
   MOV         A,R5
   RRC         A
   MOV         R5,A
   MOV         A,R6
   RRC         A
   MOV         R6,A
   MOV         A,R7
   RRC         A
   MOV         R7,A
   DJNZ        R3,Loop

Craig Steiner

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