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Craig Steiner
08/05/05 10:56
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#98889 - Definition of best
Responding to: Graham Cole's previous message
Graham Cole said:
I like the idea of this challenge, it is just the sort of thing I enjoy.

I agree, I think it could end up being lots of fun.

As I understand it the BEST solution(s) will be the one that get the most votes and it is possible that this will not be the fastest. Documentation and style are also factors.

That's certainly the case at this point. The winning solution will be the one that receives the most votes, and everyone will be able to vote on whatever basis they see fit. If there's a solution that solves the problem in 50 cycles and looks really clean and understandable but there's another solution that solves the problem in 40 cycles but isn't documented and doesn't make any sense, I'd personally vote for the 50-cycle solution.

As I mentioned, I'm thinking about implementing an assembler and mini-simulator on the website that would be capable of assembling the solutions and running benchmarks at the moment they are submitted. At that point, perhaps, each solution could be presented to the voters along with the calculated time benchmarks as well as calculated code size.

In the spirit of competition, there should be an outright winner, but we might also highlight instances of novel or interesting solutions.

In the voting section (which I honestly have not developed yet since I figure this first challenge is going to be open for at least 7 days), I could make it so that we can each vote for a single "winner" but also mark multiple solutions as "interesting/novel". Would that be useful?

Craig Steiner Webmaster

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