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Neil Kurzman
08/06/05 19:00
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#98945 - Ponder this
Responding to: Andy Neil's previous message
Scott Adams is an American, from California. Yet some how people from a country across The Pond find it factual. You would think that the people and practices in dilbert would put his company under. But no people 1000's of miles away wounder if Mr Adams works in thier company. Remind me again, how did we make it out of the Stone Age?

One of My favorites.
Troll 1: Here is are random number generator
Troll 2: Nine,Nine,Nine,Nine,Nine,Nine,Nine,Nine
Dilbert: Are you sure that is Random?
Troll 1: That is the Trouble with Random Numbers, you can't be sure.

It is only funny if you know the math. The small number of people that would get the joke makes it funnier.

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