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Craig Steiner
08/06/05 19:25
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#98946 - Humor
Responding to: Neil Kurzman's previous message
Neil Kurzman said:
It is only funny if you know the math. The small number of people that would get the joke makes it funnier.

Absolutely, that kind of thing cracks me up.

It reminds me of a time I was watching the original MST3K series and in a single episode there were two rather technical jokes that would've been completely lost on most people.

One showed a huge RV driving along a stream until it finally came to a stop, and one of them commented "We'll just park this here next to the data stream." I laughed, but most non-computer people wouldn't have even noticed the word "data".

Then later in the same show there was a doctor that was supposedly operating on a person, creating the perfect Frankenstein (I think), and one of them commented, "Well while we have it open we might as well install a SCSI port." I couldn't believe that one. It made so much sense to someone who was used to cracking open computers and installing and removing hardware, but most people at the time would have asked, "What's scuzzy?"

I love that kind of humor... Humor for the masses with embedded nuggets for the geeks. :)

Craig Steiner

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