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Jerry Black
08/09/05 01:28
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Colorado City

#99022 - Sorry. Not really selling anything.
Responding to: Jerry Black's previous message
I am not really selling any thing I am mosting looking for input on a site basic around the 8052 so it can be a resource for everyone. I respect the wealth of knowlege the people on this board have. And I mostly hoping people say hey that's a good Idea, or no that will not goint to do any good. I may sell ads on the site but only to keep it floating. I came up with the Idea after many projects and much search for fragments of info across the web. But if this post voilates any of the rules, first I am sorry and Second please delete it.

Jerry Black

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   Sorry. Not really selling anything.      Jerry Black      08/09/05 01:28      
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