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Erik Malund
08/10/05 06:05
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Mt Airy, Nc

#99106 - there is no such thing as a Philips inst
Responding to: Arjen Roben's previous message
there is no such thing as a "Philips instruction set".

Philips makes microcontrollers with several different instruction sets.

However the P89C51xxx, P89C66x and P89LPCxxx (NOTE NOT LPC2xxx) are all '51 derivatives.

if anyone could suggest any website for programming philips microcontrollers
again, that depends, if you are talking about Philips LPC9xx I would suggest Keil. You can buy the "real" Keil package for a couple of thousand dollars; however if your interest is limited to the P89LPC9xx you can buy the MCB900 developement board that comes with a Keil package that is fully capable of programming the LPC9xx series, all for less than $100.

If it has to be free, look at SDCC.


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