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Prahlad J. Purohit
08/10/05 08:49
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#99121 - Re: High Current.
Responding to: Stuart Hall's previous message

Hi Prahlad, I'm a bit curious as to what is being welded with 10,000 Amps?? must be pretty big...

Not very big even for welding two 1mm thick plaing Mild Steel sheets you need 10,000 Amps. For welding bigger sections you need more current. Even 100,000 Amps is not too big.

I'm also guessing this must be 3 Phase primary, as 400 volts wouldn't be single phase?

Very Few resistance welders are 3 phase. Most of them are Bi-Phase thats why 400Volts its Phase to Phase voltage not Phase to Netral. 3 Phase welders reduce current demand by approx. 50% but have maintainance problems and are more expensive.

I've only had limited experience with welders around a few hundred Amps, have built a couple of rectifiers around 2000 Amps and those transformers were quite big, I can only imagine what your transformer size is going to be!

Few Hundereds Amps then you are probably talking about the primary current or the current input to welder at 400Volts supply. The secondary current or the current that flows through component being welded is never in terms of hundred amperes. The transformers are not very big, A 25kVA transformer can deliever upto 35kA with shorted secondary and 10kA with around 2 foot throat depth and approx. 10inches throat gap weighs around 40kg.

Prahlad Purohit

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