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Erik Malund
08/10/05 13:29
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Mt Airy, Nc

#99154 - soliciting input for LED chip
I am involved with a semiconductor company in designing a LED driver chip. It will be for 8*3 LEDs (8 * RGB), constant resistor programmable current, serial programming of the "weight" of red, green and blue. I have no problem making the chip satisfy my requirements, but if other ideas could be incorporated, the chip might be more popular which would be a good thing. Of course, I am not about to add "bells and whistles" to drive the cost up. so here are the limits

8 tricolor LEDs driven by each chip
4 bit weight per color.
PWM pin for control of overall intensity.
shift register that is parallel connected to a latch
constanr current LED drive

If you have any interest in such a chip, let me know what you would like to see and if it fit I'll get it in.

my e-mail is open if you have more than fit the forum


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