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Craig Steiner
08/11/05 09:28
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#99203 - Requesting new challenge ideas
The current challenge is due to expire this Saturday which means we need a new challenge ready to go at that time.

While I'll probably be able to come up with something, I'd sure appreciate help. If you have an idea please submit it at this link. Your challenge idea doesn't have to be as "flushed out" and detailed as the current challenge. Please feel free to make a general idea suggestion and I can fill in the details prior to making it public.

Craig Steiner Webmaster

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Requesting new challenge ideas      Craig Steiner      08/11/05 09:28      
   relay based D type flip flop      Steve M. Taylor      08/11/05 12:48      
   software UART      Jan Waclawek      08/11/05 14:17      
      Steve Jan letting the cat out of the bag      Erik Malund      08/11/05 14:42      
         The idea      Craig Steiner      08/11/05 15:20      
            sorry      Jan Waclawek      08/11/05 15:48      
               I like the carpenters mantra      Erik Malund      08/11/05 15:58      
               If you can read, you're in!      Andy Neil      08/11/05 17:44      

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