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David Smith
08/15/05 03:44
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#99403 - HTML and OT Daily Mailings.
I finally succumbed to the HTML daily mailing list instead of pure text - and it's much easier to read - Thanks. One oddity I can't fix is that the text always seems to 'underlap' the right margin so a few letters are lost at the end of each line. It wraps okay otherwise. This happens no matter how wide I drag the window - even if I fill the screen. This seems to be peculiar to the 8052 site - I've never seen it on other HTML mailings. Is it me?

Also, Craig, is it possible to include the 'Chat Board' postings in the daily email - perhaps at the bottom, so those who don't want to read this stuff can simply ignore it? I'm already missing the off-topic postings, and don't always have the time or inclination to go to the forum. I know I can select to display both when I actually visit the forum, but I really would like to get a daily mailing of the OT postings.


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