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Craig Steiner
08/16/05 10:13
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#99513 - Other option
Responding to: Chris Lock's previous message
Chris Lock said:
I'm trying to implement a device which will read an analog value (10/12 bit ADC), transmit it via RS232, and make a local copy of the reading in a separate memory device (a commercial flash USB drive). I would like to be able to remove the flash drive for analysis on a PC. i.e. a simple data logger application. Could anyone kindly suggest the best 8051 device for the job?

In addition to the likes of the ST USB board, you might also consider using memory devices such as CompactFlash or (my favorite) Secure Digital. They are extremely small, not that hard to access from the 8052, and are obviously easy to remove from your device and insert into a PC.

The problem I see is that it seems you want your 8052 device to be the USB master into which you can connect an external USB drive. If that's the case you might have some trouble since I'm not aware of any 8052 USB master devices; only slaves. If that's what you're looking for, the CompactFlash/Secure Digital card solution might be worth considering since many new PCs and laptops include integrated SD/CF readers--though such an approach will require that you implement a FAT12/16/32 system on the 8052 side.

Craig Steiner

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