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Jan Waclawek
08/16/05 11:01
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#99519 - bit-banging?
Responding to: Chris Lock's previous message
Chris Lock said:
I assumed that it would be possible to implement a master USB using routines and/or embedded hardware in a similar fashion to I2C.

I am afraid, it is impossible to bit-bang a full-speed USB device (at 12MBit/s) - save a high-speed one! - although it IS possible to bit-bang a low-speed USB slave, as demonstrated on AVRs by Igor Cesko.

But there seems to be embeddable USB-host controllers, see Cypress and maybe OKI.

While it is probably not worth bothering with USB drives (as long as there are easier ways), there are interesting USB devices around (cameras, scanners), maybe worth trying to interface them to a microcontroller.

Jan Waclawek

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