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Erik Malund
08/17/05 10:18
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Mt Airy, Nc

#99575 - The problem here is that some unsuspecti
Responding to: Jan Waclawek's previous message
so it's just a toy, who cares if it fails

I actually "care if it fails"

The problem here is that some unsuspecting individual might actually use it. There are ever so many "unique solutions" floating around on the internet with phrases like (I quote the link) "Third try was successful" and no WARNING: this does not adhere to any standard and is likely to fail, do not use in critical situations.

Today when we see again and again individuals "that are in with the times", not "dinosaurs" like me, uncritically copy rather than design, how long is it going to be before an "unique solution" is going to kill someone becuase it was implemented in a unit where bodily harm could result from failure.

Thus PLEASE, PLEASE do not promote "who cares if it fails". If you absolutely have to promote such crap, do not state "who cares if it fails" but state something like "this is a piece of $#!^ if you think it could be fun, go ahead ab do it but only for fun, never believe it will work for anything other than as an "experiment"


I do not recall the thread or the site referred to, but some months ago there was a post here "excellent link" and all subsequent posts were about dangerous design, faulty design and such.

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                        according to...      Erik Malund      08/17/05 15:21      
insane and unreliable      Jan Waclawek      08/17/05 09:50      

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