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Craig Steiner
08/17/05 12:05
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#99581 - Of course
Responding to: Erik Malund's previous message
Erik Malund said:
If an "amateur" can convince me that there is an "interesting experience" or a "learning experience" from making something that fails, I must wonder why "amateurs" ask here how to make things work.

Of course there can be an "interesting" or "learning" experience from making something that fails. In fact, isn't there a saying that people learn the most from their failures rather than their successes?

I'd say a bit-banged USB or Ethernet sounds like a perfect example: It might work some of the time, might fail some of the time... but I'll bet you 10 bucks that if someone can write code that big-bangs either Ethernet or USB and works even some of the time, that that person has a very thorough understanding of either Ethernet or USB that surpasses 99.5% of the other developers that work with those same technologies.

Another example is the "video 51" thing that Phillip Gallo put together (see left sidebar). Driving video with the 8051 might not be the optimum solution or perfect for life-critical applications, but anyone that develops that hardware and code is going to have a lot better understanding of video signals than someone that just uses a more-reliable video card.

I'll agree that experimental projects should be labeled as such, but if someone grabs USB bit-banging code off of the Internet and throws it into a life-critical application, that's not the fault of the person that put the USB bit-banging code online... it's the fault of the company that hired an idiot that actually used code that he obviously didn't understand.

Craig Steiner

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