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Neil Kurzman
08/17/05 14:12
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#99595 - Digital Filter Book

Can Anyone recommend a book on digital filters the is appicable to the 8052? Most seem to be text books heavy on theory an light on implementation. Usually in Matlab. Or should I start with the theory and the implementation will take care of itself.

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Digital Filter Book      Neil Kurzman      08/17/05 14:12      
   not a book but      Erik Malund      08/17/05 15:27      
   Also not a book but..      Tsuneo Chinzei      08/22/05 00:16      
   Try this one      Steve M. Taylor      08/22/05 03:54      
      Free Downloadable DSP Book!      Andy Neil      08/22/05 11:01      
         I Just saw that link too.      Neil Kurzman      08/22/05 11:50      

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