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Pinnacle 52 IDE

Pinnacle is a professional development environment for the MCS-51 architecture (8051, 8032, Dallas 80C320, Atmel, etc.) that offers all the features that 90% of us developers, hobbiests, and students will need, at an economical price!

ASSEMBLER FEATURES: Supports all MCS-51 Instructions, Conditional IF..ELSE..ENDIF assembly, Multiple modules in each source file, Include files up to 16 levels deep, Constant DEFINEs SETs EQUate, Labels may start in any column not just the first, Generates both absolute and relocatable code, DB and DW for direct data insertion, Full in-fix mathematical expression evaluation, Public and external symbols, Generates both program and library object modules facilitating code reuse, Full macro assembly facility: Up to 10 macro parameters, embedded subroutines permitted in macros, fixed labels allowed in macros, made "unique" at assemble time, Macro labels based on macro parameters, Unlimited reuse of defined macros, Labels in macros may be shared and referenced in other modules.

SIMULATOR FEATURES: Supports all MCS-51 Instructions; Simulates I2C bus and communication with I2C devices; Single step operation for easy-debugging; Procedure step operation for quickly executing subroutines; Optional break after X NOP instructions are executed; Immediately notified of attempts to access invalid SFRs; Disassembly window allows viewing of entire program as simulator runs; All SFRs Internal RAM, External RAM, bits, and ports may be viewied and modified manually by the user; Terminal Window in Simulator displays all data sent by program to the serial port, and allows user to type terminal data as input; Optionally, user may use PC serial port as the serial input/output port for the Simulator allowing connection to real-world devices; Interrupt register protection notifies user if an interrupt routine does not properly protect critical registers; Subroutine return protection notifies the user if the program doesn't return from a subroutine to the instruction that called it.

EDITOR FEATURES: Syntax-sensitive color highlights 8051 reserved instructions, SFRs, and user comments; Colors used in editor are user-definable; Font is user-definable; Undo/Redo limited only by CPU memory; Multiple source files open simultaneously; User-configurable tab stops; Context-sensitive online help.

Product Options and Pricing

Retail | Price
PN Pinnacle 52 IDE Single License $ 99.00 | $ 89.10
SL Pinnacle 52 IDE Site License $ 995.00 | $ 895.50
PSL Pinnacle 52 Simulator Only $ 25.00 | $ 22.50
Distributor Information

Vault Information Services

    8174 S. Holly PMB 272
    Littleton, CO 80122
    Phone: +1 (303) 439-0909
    Fax: +1 (303) 284-7080
Vendor Information

Vault Information Services

    8174 S. Holly
    PMB 272
    Littleton Colorado 80122
    Phone: +1 (303) 439-0909
    Fax: +1 (303) 284-7080
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