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BiPOM 'C'/Basic/Assembler Development System

This is a complete Windows-based cross development system that includes EVERYTHING that you need to develop C and Assembly software for 8051 family of micro-controllers. The evaluation software may be downloaded from here.

This fully integrated system includes:

Development System

  1. Micro-IDE Integrated Development Environment.
  2. Optimizing 8051/52 C Micro-C Compiler, assembler, linker, built-in serial loaders and terminal.
  3. Complete online documentation including C Tutorial, Technical Manual and project examples.
  4. Hand-coded (efficient Assembly) standard library for 8051 (Source included).
  5. Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP compatible
  6. Multi-file Editor to create and modify C or Assembly source code.
  7. Cut, Copy, Paste, Find, Replace, Bookmarks and many more features.
  8. Color coding of C and Assembly programs ( including mnemonics )
  9. "Remembers" recent files, recent projects and project settings between runs of Micro-IDE.
  10. Compiler, assembler, linker output display.
  11. Built-in Loader to download programs to target micro-controller board following build.
  12. Built-in Terminal to interact with the target micro-controller board.
  13. Start and stop programs on the target board with a single click
  14. Customizable settings and command-line options for building projects.
  15. Project Manager: Build all the files that belong to a project with a single mouse click. Project view of files that are in a project.
  16. Calculator and ASCII chart.

With Simulator Includes:

  • Includes Basic Development System above
  • Simulation of 8051 programs in C, Assembly or mixed level.
  • Simulated program can be simultaneously viewed in C and Assembly.
  • Variable window to watch C variable names, values and addresses.
  • Register window to watch the simulated special function registers including 8051 ports.
  • Memory window to watch and modify up to 64K of simulated program memory or 256-byte internal RAM.
  • Callstack window to view list of function calls that lead to current program line (traces all jumps and calls)
  • Terminal window to simulate 8051ís serial port (both receive and transmit are simulated)
  • Output Window Debug Tab to watch debug messages
  • Fully customizable window layout with dockable or floating debug windows.
  • Stop Debugging button to stop simulation at any point
  • Go button to start execution
  • Step Into and Step Over buttons to single-step through the source code at C or Assembly level
  • Unlimited number of breakpoints to stop execution at any C or Assembly source line.

    Product Options and Pricing

    Retail | Price
    DEV51 Development System $ 149.00 | $ 134.10
    DEV51/SIM Development System w/ Simulator $ 218.00 | $ 196.20
    BASCOM51 BASCOM51 Basic Compiler $ 99.00 | $ 89.10
    Distributor Information

    Vault Information Services

      8174 S. Holly PMB 272
      Littleton, CO 80122
      Phone: +1 (303) 439-0909
      Fax: +1 (303) 284-7080
    Vendor Information

    BiPOM Electronics, Inc.

      16301 Blue Ridge Road
      Missouri City TX 77489
      Phone: 713-283-9970
      Fax: 281-416-280
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